Provent in the News

About 50% of patients using Provent are doing fine on CPAP. These patients just want a more convenient travel option. Sleep Review

CPAP has had a long and successful run, and is likely to remain a form of treatment for a very long time, but it is quite clear we are not addressing the entire spectrum of disease. It is very important to have alternative therapies. Provent is one of the ones that is most attractive, especially if it continues to show the kind of success rate that it has... Sleep Diagnosis & Therapy

Apparatuses such as the less bulky Provent patches... are changing the way sleep apnoea is addressed.­ Herald Sun

Now an alternative form of C.P.A.P. is gaining popularity: a patch that fits over the nostrils. Called Provent, the patch holds two small plugs, one for each nostril, that create just enough air pressure to keep the airways open at night. It is far less intrusive than the traditional C.P.A.P. machine. New York Times