Discontinuation Notice


We are sorry to announce that as of June 1st, 2020 Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy has been discontinued.

When we purchased Provent, from the original developers in 2015, we did it because we believed in the product's great promise as an alternative for the thousands of patients who won't or can't use CPAP. In that respect Provent has been a great success. We've seen our sales steadily rise, we've grown our sales outlets in the US and around the world, and we've enjoyed letters and comments from many happy users who have depended on Provent to treat their OSA successfully with a convenience that is still unparalleled by any other product.

Unfortunately though our costs to manufacture and market Provent have been rising steadily as well; and with the current uncertainty around the world we cannot guarantee manufacturing dates or quality moving forward.

Our current inventory of Provent has been depleted and so it is with heavy hearts that we are announcing an end to our company; and the end of the manufacturing life for the Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy product.

As we wind up operations we know that you may have questions and concerns about Provent. We've tried to answer a few of those below; but please let us know if you have additional questions and we will be happy to help. In closing we would like to thank all of the patients who have made Provent a success for the past decade. We will certainly miss you and we are thinking of you all in this unusual time.


CAN I STILL PURCHASE PROVENT? Provent is still available at some local offices and from several national online stores. We do expect supplies to run out by the end of 2020 though. Once distributors run out of Provent there will be no more available.

CAN I STILL USE THE PROVENT I HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED? Absolutely. The last batch of Provent devices will reach their expiry date on 16 SEPT 2023. Until that time if you still have Provent on hand you should continue to use it as prescribed.

WHAT SHOULD I DO WHEN MY PROVENT RUNS OUT? We are advising all Provent users to contact their doctor BEFORE their supplies run out to discuss alternative sleep apnea therapy options.

WHAT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT PROVENT? Provent's support staff is still here; and our offices and website will remain available to support our retail partners and patients until all Provent devices have reached their expiry dates.

ARE THERE ALTERNATIVES TO PROVENT AVAILABLE? We do not know of any similar devices cleared for the treatment of Sleep Apnea at this time.